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Curacao Credit benefits

Financial Education

Financial Education

Your credit is the key to success. Protect it. Do you want to purchase a house, car or maybe even pay for your children's college? Your credit history is the most important tool when you are ready to...

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Interest Beat Guarantee

Lowest interest rate

With our Interest Beat Guarantee, we don’t just match the interest rates of competitors’ store credit cards, we beat them by an additional 0.25%, so you always get the lowest interest rate.

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Curacao Credit Shield

Credit protection

Life is full of unplanned events that can bring a heavy financial burden to you and your family. With Curacao Credit Shield, your payments will be suspended or your debt completely cancelled in case of an...

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Refer a Friend Refer a Friend

With your Curacao Credit you can also...

Curacao Travel

Fly with the most prestigious airlines: Avianca, Aeromexico, Delta, Interjet, Volaris, American Airlines, United, Alaska Airlines. Travel today and pay later with low monthly payments.

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Curacao Export

Using our Export service, you can buy products for your family abroad and we’ll have it delivered to your home anywhere in Mexico and Central America through one of our network of 250 distribution centers.

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Curacao Money Transfer

Use your Curacao Credit to send money to your family abroad. Our Money Transfer service moves money quickly and easily at competitive prices and low exchange rates.

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